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What are horror movies?

We all love getting scared, and movies definitely are one of the best mediums of entertainment that have gotten a lot of people more than a bit frightened. And horror movies are some of the biggest genres of entertainment that are out right now. Chances are, there is a horror movie that is currently playing in a theatre near you.


Horror movies are the main focus on our website. You could say that we are horror movie addicts. And if you want the latest scoop on all of the spookiest and most terrifying new horror movies that have just come out, then we are your place to check out all of the news on that topic.

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Top Classic horror movies

The horror movie genre has spawned dozens of well-known films. But there are a few “classic” horror movie titles that take the title of being the most recognizable. Here are some of the classic horror films that are truly the scariest.


The main story of [REC] puts us in the shoes of Angela Vidal, a young reporter from a local television who has the job of interviewing a group of firefighters who, throughout the night, go to a building on La Rambla in Barcelona to help of an old woman.

This is only the beginning of a long nightmare, after discovering that a dangerous virus that turns the guest into a bloodthirsty animal that has spread throughout the building.

Recorded with the format of “fake documentary” and always with the camera on his shoulder, many criticize that the tape is a constant dizziness, but its long sequence shots and, above all, the so achieved sensation of being in an authentic passage of terror, convert [REC] (and to a greater or lesser extent its sequels) into the best Spanish horror movie .

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

When five teenagers enter the deepest Texas to visit the grave, supposedly desecrated, of one of their grandfathers, little did they imagine that this trip would become an atrocious episode of violence, savagery, and cannibalism because of a “dysfunctional” family.

Directed by Tobe Hooper, director unknown until then, and starring several amateur actors, revolutionized the cinema of the 70s and the way we know horror movies today.

The film laid the foundations of the subgenre of terror later known as ” slasher “, which consists of a murderer ending up with his victims one by one and whose main exponents are, in addition to The Texas Massacre, Scream, Friday the 13th or Halloween.

This year, exactly 40 years have passed since the premiere of one of the best horror films in history, which is why the typical and obligatory special Blu-ray edition of the film has been commercialized.

Cabin in the Woods

It is a horror film that is definitely a must-watch for all those fans of horror movies that prides itself on being one. Although its plot seems one of the thousand times seen (a group of friends harassed by monsters during their weekend in the cabin of the forest), from the beginning the plot will make you wonder continuously where everything is leading up to.

It all starts with, again, five university students prepare to spend the weekend in a cabin located in a remote forest and without means of communication with the outside.

In the basement they find a strange collection of things; among them, a newspaper that talks about the old family that occupied the house.

This way we are presented with some of the films with the greatest references to horror films that the smartest will recognize right away. A host of tributes to a genre that, although it has never been the most recognized by the specialized critics if that is proven to be the most profitable theme in Hollywood.

Nightmare on Elm Street

The story is recreated in several young people in a small town usually have nightmares in which they are chased by a man deformed by fire and wearing a glove finished in sharp blades. Some of them begin to be killed while they sleep for this being, which turns out to be Freddy Krueger, a psychopath that the parents of these young people burned alive several years ago after discovering that he had murdered several children.

The fact that Krueger invades in that place where we are most unprotected, dreams, does nothing but increase the terror caused by this character, which has 9 films behind him, if we count his confrontation with Jason Voorhees.

A great place to stream these and other horror movies is 123 movies online.